Product FAQs

raingear rain poncho
  • Would this fit a plus size person?

——I would say yes, it should fit most of us. I am 5'6" and ~300 lbs with 60+" hip circumference. I was afraid it wouldn't fit my hips, but it fits just fine. I normally wear a 26-28 or 28-30 women's plus size or a 3x-4x t-shirt.

——Yes. I wear size 18 in dresses and pants and it fit me very comfortably and with plenty of room to spare.

  • Is this poncho easy to wear with a backpack?

——Totally big enough. I have a trip to Europe coming up and I keep on looking at rain coats but can’t bring my self to buy one because I own this poncho and it’s big enough for a backpack underneath and keeps me totally dry. I’ve been in two really bad rain storms in this poncho and was very dry underneath.

  • Is it truly waterproof? Has it every been tested in a downpour?

——My friend wore it last night in a downpour. Thankfully she had one of my bags and it stayed dry. I had an umbrella and a backpack. Stuff got soaked. I’m ordering this poncho for myself today lol.

  • Does it have outside pockets?

——Yes, some rain ponchos have a pocket, some raincoats have two pockets.

  • Is it good in heavy rain or just light rain? I need it for an outdoor event but i know its going to rain

——It's been great in heavy rain. I live on the southern coast and when we get hit with rain we get hit hard. This jacket has been great!

mens rain poncho











  • Mens or women’s poncho?

——While men could wear this particular one, as a female, I really enjoyed this one. I got it to put over me to protect the camera I was carrying cross-body during a trip to Guatemala. It is a nice, sturdy poncho, much better than those thin, easily torn ones you can pick up at the grocery store. I also like that it can be packed into its own pocket. Makes for easy packing! 

  • Does the pocket has a velcro closure?

——Yes, the front pocket has a velcro closure.